Grandma Tries a ‘Warhead Sour’

The other night we had the Campbell River Grand-children over for a visit. Kayden had recently turned eleven years old, and because of circumstances way beyond our control, we had to give him a belated birthday celebration. One of the gifts Kayden received from his Dad Aaron, was a bag of candies called Warhead Sours.… Continue reading Grandma Tries a ‘Warhead Sour’


I Love the Compassionate Side of People

Is it just me or is there way more people these days taking the time out of their busy days and lives, and helping out those living beings which have no voice and are otherwise helpless? I suppose the answer to that question is really a moot point, because the Why? in this case… Continue reading I Love the Compassionate Side of People

Emma’s Gym Time

A friend recently told me about a children's program that the city provides, at the Community Centre. It's called Family Gym Time, and it's meant for toddler-aged children who aren't quite old enough to attend a preschool. My friend has been taking his Grandson there for a few months now, and the little guy loves… Continue reading Emma’s Gym Time